Boka Tako Truck Back Again- Thursday 2/27 11:45-1:15


Texas Toaster                                     $5

cheesy sausage eggs with your choice of sausage or pork or bacon

Smoked Pork Belly Bowl                                 $10

cheesy scrambled eggs, potato hash, smoked pork belly, caramelized onion, cider gastrique, and crispy shallots

Sambal Pork Bowl                                          $8

cheesy scrambled eggs with sausage, potato hash, guajillo pork    with chipotle crema, hickory BBQ sauce, and crispy onions

Traditional Breakfast Tako  $4 each  3 for $10

cheesy sausage eggs, nappa, salsa, sour cream and herbs

on a flour tortilla

Breakfast Burrito                                           $8

cheesy sausage eggs, potato hash, chipotle crema, and

choice of sausage or pork or bacon

Three Pig Burrito                                           $10

cheesy sausage eggs, potato hash, with sausage, pork and bacon

Brisket Egg and Cheese                                  $6

brisket, over medium egg, nappa, cheddar, garlic aioli,

sweet soy, chimichurri, habanero lime vinaigrette, and

crispy potatoes on a flour tortilla

Cheesy Sausage Eggs                          $3

Cheesy Potato Hash                           $3

shredded potato grilled with caramelized onion and cheese blend


$4 each / 3 for $10

  Bulgogi Beef   Sambal Pork     Chicken   Shoyu Tofu  

Choose Your Style:

Asian   – kimchi, sesame aioli, sesame seeds, herbs

American- onion, cheese, nappa, sherry aioli, smoky

BBQ, herbs

Mexican – cheese, nappa, habanero lime vinaigrette,

chipotle crema, herbs


The “Gauntlet”- 1 beef Asian, 1 pork American,           $10

1 chicken Mexican


Grilled Fish                                                     $5

nappa, habanero lime vinaigrette, chile aioli,

sweet soy, agave scented seasonal fruit, herbs

Smoked Pork Belly                              $6

nappa, cider gastrique, chile aioli, sweet apple crema,

herbs, and crispy onion

Brisket                                                $5

white cheddar, nappa, chimichurri, garlic aioli,

sweet soy, crispy potato, herbs

Smoked Pork Carnitas                        $5

grilled onion, white cheddar, nappa, garlic aioli, hickory BBQ,

herbs, and crispy onions

Seasonal Market Fresh                                   $4

Chef Feature Changes by the Season


Sambal Pork Burrito                         $8

sambal pork, 6 cheese blend, nappa, habanero lime vinaigrette, chipotle crema, and herbs

Chicken Quesadilla                             $7

chicken, cheese, caramelized onion, and herbs on a toasted         12” flour tortilla

Surf & Turf Burrito                            $10

brisket, grilled fish, cheese, caramelized onion, garlic aioli, chimichurri, sweet soy, and herbs

Bologna Burger                                               $6

thick cut, all beef bologna with your choice of toppings


Pepsi                              Diet Pepsi

Mountain Dew               Dr. Pepper

Brisk Iced Tea                Water

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